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Dear Badminton loonies,

we are inviting you to celebrate with us the

11th International Students Badminton Tournament in Berlin (May 10th-12th, 2008)

For this year’s tournament we got the Max-Schmeling-Halle at Whitsun again and therefore we hope for a well-attended tournament.

As usual we will try to organize a very special supporting program. For further details please register ...

The entry fee will be stable. If anything else gets more expensive – our fee won’t…

Like last year, a T-shirt and a group photo are included.

So we hope to present you a fantastic tournament, and maybe we might even be able to improve it a little bit more.

C U in Berlin
Your ISBT Berlin committee

About the tournament

In general

ISBT's (= International Students Badminton Tournament) are supposed to be tournaments for students and members of universities and colleges. For those of you who are not familiar with the circumstances of ISBT's, we'd like to give some general information about the How, Where, Why, When and Who:
the most important thing is not necessarily the best score or over-exaggerated semi-pro high-level performance.


The gymnasium where we are going to play is the Max-Schmeling-Halle (of course, there is no better place than that !!) sited in Prenzlauer Berg where you will be taken to bed in another gymnasium nearby.

But now let's head for the details about this ISBT:

Playing classes

Depending on your level of playing skills (or ambitions) you can choose one of four different classes:
A - best national league players
B - national and best regional league players
C - regional league and advanced recreational players
D - recreational players and beginners


Each player has to pick two out of three disciplines, that is singles, doubles and mixed doubles.
You can not register with specific partner for the doubles. The tournament organization will pick your partners at random for doubles and mixed doubles, usually (s)he is from another team, town or country (if possible, that is).
Please remember: there is no guarantee for playing the disciplines you registered for (experience from recent years teaches that this applies especially to the gentlemen in mixed doubles).


The classes A, B and C will play with feather shuttle-cocks and class D with blue plastic shuttle-cocks. Every player has to bring his/her own equipment (including rackets and shuttles).

Playing mode

The competition playing mode will be the Swiss ladder system (ranking based system).


We try to get a Badminton supply shop where you can buy shuttles and get your rackets repaired.


For your accommodation there is a gymnasium nearby. Please bring your own sleeping bags and mattresses.


Rough time table of the tournament

05/09/2008 (Friday (night)) arrival

05/10/2008 (Saturday) matches, evening events

05/11/2008 (Sunday) matches, ultimate barbecue

05/12/2008 (Monday) (final) matches, buffet, departure



The registration starts on March 19th, 2008.

Please be patient, because we are too busy to care about your registrations any sooner.


Deadline for registration will be April 30th, 2008.

You can register up to 15 participants for each team/city.

The registration fee is EUR 70,- / each player for accomodation, food and various evening events. It also includes the tournament T-shirt and a photo of all players.

You will have to pay a deposit of EUR 20,- in advance.

Please register with one contact person (name, address, phone, email) and a list of participants (name, sex, class, 2 disciplines, T-shirt size).

On Monday we can provide an Indian buffet for those of you who can manage to stay for a few moments longer at night (around 6 p.m.). Please make an appropriate mark about this for each player on your registration form.
Please mark the vegetarians in your team as well, so we are able to prepare adequate food for them (especially at the far-famed barbecue on Saturday).

You can fill in the registration form online or download the form as Word 97 document.

Please use our online registration form !

That makes it very easy to handle your registration both for you and us, and thereby it speeds up the whole procedure.

Send your registration to:

via email:

via snail-mail:
ISBT Berlin
Lasdehner Straße 26
D-10243 Berlin

You will get a receipt for registration including information about of the payment procedure and further detailed information.

More information

You can get the latest news about our tournament (including recent list of participants) via


Phone:  +49-(0)30 42 08 84 97 (Oli)



The tournament organization team gives no guarantees for participation and takes no responsibilities for any physical or mental damage, losses and further expenses. The participation in the tournament (including journey) is at your own risk.

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