Something about ISBT's

This page is intended to be a short introduction to the wonderful world of ISBT's for those of you who have no idea, what an ISBT might be. Therefore we want to give you some general information about the what, why, who, how, where and when of the ISBT (Berlin).

What does 'ISBT' mean at all ?

I nternational

S tudents

B adminton

T ournament

By now there exist more than a dozen ISBT's all over Europe (mainly in the Netherlands, but also in Great Britain, France, Austria, Estonia, Norway ...).

If you are interested in taking a closer look at those tournaments: Here is the list of other ISBT tournaments and their dates and addresses.

Why would I want to participate in the ISBT ?

The most important thing at an ISBT is not necessarily the best score or over-exaggerated semi-pro high-level performance,
it's just fun !!!

Who is participating in the ISBT ?

The ISBT is suppossed to be a tournament for students and members of universities and colleges (this guiding line is not always obeyed ... ;-) )
Every participant chooses one of four different classes depending on his/her level of playing skills (or ambitions):

A - best national league players
B - national and best regional league players
C - regional league and advanced recreational players
D - recreational players and beginners

How is the ISBT organized ?

The playing mode of the tournament is the Swiss-ladder-system.

The classes A, B and C will play with feather shuttle-cocks and class D with blue plastic shuttle-cocks. Every player has to bring his/her own equipment (including rackets and shuttles).

Each player has to pick two out of three disciplines, that is singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

You can not register with specific partner for the doubles. The tournament organization will pick your partners at random for doubles and mixed doubles, usually (s)he is from another team, town or country (if possible, that is).

Where is the ISBT taking place ?

The whole thing takes place in Berlin (what an coincidence ... ) at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in the area of Prenzaluer Berg.

For your accommodation there is a gymnasium nearby. Please bring your own sleeping bags and mattresses.

When is the ISBT taking place ?

The tournament is taking place each year at Whitsun or Ascension Day.

(Rough) overview of the tournaments' schedule

Thursday  arrival

Friday, Saturday  matches, evening events

Sunday  (final) matches, buffet, departure

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